Skala Biotek is a manufacturer of stress management products for all crops. These products are soil applied as well as foliar applied. Plant stress in modern agriculture is caused predominantly by abiotic stress factors. These factors are chemical stress due to the use of agrochemicals such as glyphosate and fertilizers as well as environmental occurrences such as flood, drought, frost, hail and other. The level of efficiency of the plant's metabolism, and therefore stress, can be gauged by the plant sap's Brix, electrical conductivity (EC) and pH reading.

Compounds such as amino-acids, phytohormones and enzymes are manufactured by the plant to regulate and overcome metabolic stress. Modern agricultural practices has overloaded the crop's capability to manage stress effectively. The cultivated plant therefore needs to be supplemented with the necessary compounds under these circumstances.

CROP CANDY and RESTORE are two such supplements to help manage abiotic stress in crops.


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